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SmartJets is a full service brokerage and sales firm that can handle your sales, acquisitions and trade requirements
and offers a "financing available" option for its clients.

Why Choose SmartJets?

  • Expert Global Marketing Team
  • Over 20 years of experience.
  •  $5 Billion in transacted business
  •  Dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.
  •  Friendly and personalized services.
  •  Priority customer assistance.
  •  Simple cost structure with competitive pricing.
  •  We have financing available for our customers.
  •  We have the ability to search worldwide to find the right aircraft for you.
  • We can handle your trade-in within our inventory.

Proactive Sales/Brokerage Process

  • calling other brokers, dealers, aviation attorneys, lenders and management companies
  • promoting your aircraft’s value
  • advertising and lead generation
  • market analysis and follow-up
  • market searches to locate the right buyer
  • seeking the highest market price available.
  •  updates on our marketing, prospective buyers and the competition
  • prepare you for the closing of the transaction
  •  follow up after the sale to ensure that post-closing details were accomplished

SmartJets is one of only a few agencies that can accommodate your trade and finance your purchase.  Drawing on its impressive 20 plus years of experience in all phases of aviation and aircraft knowledge, its impressive record of $5 billion of transacted business, and maintaining  business networks that extend worldwide, SmartJets is well equipped to meet the industry’s new global demand.

Representation: Understanding the unique details of your aircraft is paramount to a successful and timely sale. When we list your aircraft, we do our due diligence.

  • read the logs and records
  • assist your flight department in building specifications
  • help buyers quickly understand the details about your aircraft
  • resulting in a more successful transaction.

SmartJets promotes your craft through direct mail, print, and internet advertising. Our intensive marketing and advertising strategies set us apart, and gained us an industry wide reputation for getting results. We handle ACQUISITIONS , SALES SERVICES and CONSULTING  just as diligently for our clients looking to buy aircraft.

“About 60% of our sales last year originated outside the USA, which reflects the trend of the new global market. Aero has the inventory and the full range and scope of services needed to fulfill your aviation requirements, regardless of your location.” – Ben Shirazi

Marketing: We employ a comprehensive strategy, with innovative aircraft marketing and a global reach, which includes detailed specifications, professional photography, video, blogs and proactive communication.

Pricing: Our expertise and knowledge of the global market helps us set your best and right pricing. We build a strategy that maximizes your sale price and draws attention to your aircraft.

Negotiating: We work closely with you and your tax and legal advisors to develop vigorous negotiating strategies, offer letters and contracts.

Inspection: Our unique personal management of the pre-purchase inspection helps maximize return and minimize expenses when selling an aircraft.

Showings: We are on site for key aircraft showings, explaining the specific details about your aircraft to the buyer’s group, answering questions and gathering information when they are reviewing your aircraft.

Team Approach: Because we work as a team, we are available and we will respond quickly when you or prospective buyers have questions or require information.

SmartJets, with sister company, VIP Completions, makes sure your aircraft maintains its value by providing exceptional designer quality exterior paint, avionics and interior completions.

SmartJets Represents the Best Manufacturers of New Aircraft

We will handle every detail, from assisting in the purchase, specification, and completion of new aircraft and helicopters to importing, exporting, modifying and customizing quality pre-owned aircraft and  helicopters.

SmartJets has contracted multi-million dollars worth of new aircraft positions.

  • longterm relationships with manufacturers
  • our buying power gives us the necessary leverage
  • we can acquire the most desirable aircraft products
  • lead time of the purchase
  • details of the aircraft specifications
  • ability to nurture the project from green aircraft to delivery and acceptance.

Our thorough program management of all new aircraft projects ensures that our customers benefit from

  • extensive technical expertise on specifications
  • development, and the ensuing conformity and compliance of the aircraft specifications
  • our on-site professional team remains dedicated to each and every project
  • we oversee the process from inception to final delivery.

SmartJets has always owned and operated helicopters as a business tool and for personal use. Our highly trained rotary specialists will identify the right model for your specific needs. We have years of experience with MD, Agusta, Bell, Airbus Helicopters, and Sikorsky, and our in-depth knowledge and expertise is a prime commodity for potential buyers.

SmartJets is a leading industry expert in new build aircraft and  helicopters. We are an authorized representative and trusted partner with several well known and distinguished brands.