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Rockwell Collins and Stellar Integrate For A Cloud Based FOS


Rockwell Collins announced the completion of their ArincDirect Flight Operations Software (FOS) into an online platform running on the Stellar Cloud.

FOS customers can now upgrade their systems to the Stellar Cloud at no additional expense, if you currently run on Stellar or Rockwell Collins.. Customers running FOS on their own computers can take advantage of Stellar’s offered promotional pricing.

The Stellar Cloud runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Switching to the Stellar Cloud eliminates reduces the risks of downtime and data loss, for FOS customers who host the software on their own computers.

For More information, see FULL ARTICLE by Matt Thurber

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Keep Your Aircraft At Peak Performance


Why is it good business to keep your aircraft up to date?

Your aircraft is a major personal and/or corporate asset. When a decision is made to upgrade or repair your airframe or avionics, it is imperative that the work be done “cost effectively”, and, “the right way”.

“Repairing or updating  Avionics or Airframe? Adding after-market options?”  “Make sure it’s done right.” -Ben Shirazi

Maintaining and repairing your aircraft can be a major expense and has to be considered within the overall valuation of each aircraft and program. All decisions come down to the “bottom line”  and are calculated into the cost of  owning and/or running your fleet or personal aircraft.

As with maintaining any other asset, it is important to choose a company with a history of success and impeccable credentials to perform your repairs and/or upgrades or after-market add-ons.  Though it can be tempting to save money by choosing the least expensive alternative, is not always the best choice, and by using FAA approved PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) parts when your aircraft is in need of repair, updates or even when you want to add aftermarket options, it could come with unanticipated  “cost overruns” and even may invalidate your current warranties if ‘compliance’ was not checked before starting work.
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NBAA/EBACE Draws Business Aviation experts, Enthusiasts and Future Talent to the Las Vegas Convention

Did you miss NBAA/EBACE Las Vegas?  By all accounts, it was a phenomenal turnout and a tribute to the strength of the industry and the organization.

According to NBAA, “The 2017 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) was an all-around success, highlighting the strength of the industry and the host community of Las Vegas, NV.” Click here to see what NBAA is posting after the convention.

“This year’s show was special in many ways,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “We celebrated NBAA’s 70th anniversary, and how our industry is stronger when we work together.”

On the Ground at Henderson Executive Airport;  Students who are looking for careers in Business Aviation as well as profiling NBAA members who use aviation as a corporate advantage, NBAA/EBACE covered it all.

Why Flagship Food Group sees the cost effectiveness, benefits and advantages of maintaining their own aircraft. Follow the link below to see an NBAA member profile. Consider aircraft ownership for your company. You can consult with one of our experts on the pros & cons. Contact us at

Static Display of Aircraft: Attendees explore the impressive and extensive outdoor static display at Henderson Executive Airport.

Careers in Business Aviation Day: Students tour the exhibit floor during Careers in Business Aviation Day

*Photos and Captions from NBAA/EBACE convention postings.

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Pro Line Fusion for Challenger 604

Connectivity Upgraded with Pro Line Fusion for Challenger 604

Bombardier’s Challenger 604 maintains its place as one of the most sought after aircraft in the pantheon of heavy jets. Operators and owners often cite its range and comfort as well as its premier connectivity, which is about to take another step forward, making it an even better choice for business aviation.

One of the big announcements at EBACE, was that Challenger 604 operators have a new option for cockpit avionics upgrades. Nextant Aerospace will  be the installation design certification company for the Challenger 604 upgrades (Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion) Read more

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EBACE Assesses Business Aviation

EBACE assesses … and redefines message on Business Aviation:

Looking at the overall perceptions and  impact of Business Aviation, EBAA, and NBAA (to a great extent) note that others are creating the narrative of what ‘Business Aviation’ mean. On May 24th 2017,  Taunya Renson-Martin, strategic communications advisor for the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) spoke to an audience saying it is “time for business aviation to take the message back” and not allow some misperceptions to dominate the narrative.

For many. outside the industry, it seems like an added ‘privilege’ for company executives but in fact, there are many companies that depend on their own fleet to get executives to key meetings or locations that might not be easily done with commercial flying.

Some business locations could be hours from a commercial airport, and may have to deal with delays all of which have an adverse effect on running a business.  Private/Business flights fit your schedule and often can access private or smaller airfields closer to their intended destination allowing for less unproductive travel time and more business connectivity while in the air.

With the fast pace and global nature of business, Business Aviation becomes more and more of a necessity and not a ‘luxury’.


EBAA Gathers Industry Communicators…

EBAA members may access the toolkit through the association’s website. Learn more about the toolkit.