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New Rolls-Royce Pearl Engines designed for bizav introduced.

For the last several years, the ‘bloom was off’ the engines Rolls-Royce had designed for  business aviation. With several companies ditching the once largest supplier of engines to that aviation sector in favor of Pratt & Whitney and GE alternatives. But Rolls-Royce is back, according to  John Morris, reporting for Aviation Week Network about the news from EBACE 2018.

In development for several years, Rolls-Royce has introduced its Pearl Family of Engines, from its Advance2 technology program. The Pearl 15 has already won EASA certification and according to specifications has better thrust, fuel efficiency and noise reduction which augments its range capabilities as well; prompting Bombardier to select it for its new Global 5500 and 6500 large-cabin, very-long–range jets.

To read John Morris’ May 28, 2018  article, “Rolls-Royce Barrels Back Into Bizjets With Pearl Engine”, in its entirety, please click here.

The new Pearl family comes from Rolls-Royce’s Advance2 technology program.

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Rockwell Collins and Stellar Integrate For A Cloud Based FOS


Rockwell Collins announced the completion of their ArincDirect Flight Operations Software (FOS) into an online platform running on the Stellar Cloud.

FOS customers can now upgrade their systems to the Stellar Cloud at no additional expense, if you currently run on Stellar or Rockwell Collins.. Customers running FOS on their own computers can take advantage of Stellar’s offered promotional pricing.

The Stellar Cloud runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Switching to the Stellar Cloud eliminates reduces the risks of downtime and data loss, for FOS customers who host the software on their own computers.

For More information, see FULL ARTICLE by Matt Thurber

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New ‘Aerospace’ Tech Can Revolutionize Business/Private Flight

It is not hard to see that the future of flight is changing rapidly as markets expand and there is more demand for more ‘user friendly’ controls. Gamers and Game Development have changed the face of nearly every industry whether associated with private/commercial or  governmental enterprises.

Military applications range from remote operators of  UAV’s to on the ground robotics and surgeons use gaming to keep skills sharp for the new laser scalpels and ‘robotic’ surgery techniques.  From the first remote access mars landing, it was only a matter of time before some of these innovations and new technologies would be adapted to commercial and then Business Aviation.  Commercial aviation has been using “fly by wire” technology on the flight deck  for quite some time but now it is moving rapidly into the BusAv sector. Read more