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Business Aviation ‘Boldly Goes’ Into the Future

Business Aviation ‘boldly goes’ into the development of more fuel efficient, greater connectivity and safer aircraft.

The bold, future thinking and innovation inherent in the business aviation market is making leaps forward in connectivity, dependability, safety, and cost of operating.

These innovations make it even more feasible for companies to reach a decision on the effectiveness of using their own aircraft. When factoring in cost and availability of commercial flights against travel and productivity time saved  added to the  ability to get to more remote destinations more efficiently, corporate aircraft has the edge.

If you have been on the fence about the practicality of ownership, now might be the time to re-assess your business needs. BusAv makes sense.

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Business Aviation is ‘SMART’, forward thinking, and strong in 2018.

Business Aviation is SMART, and not just a perq.  The industry is really benefiting from the forward momentum in the domestic and international markets. The near necessity of having a corporate fleet available in this fast paced environment seems to be at top of mind for many mid-size businesses in addition to the usual large corporations. BusAv makes it possible to do business in many locations that might otherwise seem out of reach, and this allows businesses to take advantage of the best locations and circumstances to grow their businesses.


So many areas of the country do not have easy access to commercial airports or flights that private/business flights might be the only access.

Getting to that all important meeting on-time and fully prepared can often be more easily accomplished when you are traveling on your own schedule and not at the mercy of a commercial carrier. Especially if where you need to be is not on a commercial carrier’s direct route, leaving you to change flights or even go to a regional carrier. Direct routing is always faster and more efficient.

Leaps forward in connectivity while in flight and fuel efficiency makes the benefits of business air travel even more apparent.  Business aviation is reaping the benefits of new technologies and design.

One example is Gulfstream’s G500 ‘clean-sheet’ design, which has outpaced expectations in range, speed and shortened the time prep needed for take-off , as well as distance needed for takeoff. (see more)


Talk to one of our professional sales team members.  They are experts in all aspects of business aviation with a focus on large cabin aircraft.  We can assess your mission and needs and can find the best match for you.

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EBACE 2018 Gets Underway in Geneva

EBACE 2018 is underway and the SmartJets team is on-site in Geneva and available for consultations.

Contact us via DM, Email or phone to arrange a meeting with our team!

It is a great time for Business Aviation, with the renewed vigor in markets all over the world and the International Transactions Seminar, hosted jointly by the EBAA and the NBAA has covered many of your topics of interest including:  aircraft financing, European tax issues, current status of BusAv etc. and was a great session with many opportunities to network.

Business Aviation is always concerned with operating costs and works to be at the cutting edge of research into sustainable fuels. Vhevck out the video from EBACE  here

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NBAA/EBACE Draws Business Aviation experts, Enthusiasts and Future Talent to the Las Vegas Convention

Did you miss NBAA/EBACE Las Vegas?  By all accounts, it was a phenomenal turnout and a tribute to the strength of the industry and the organization.

According to NBAA, “The 2017 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) was an all-around success, highlighting the strength of the industry and the host community of Las Vegas, NV.” Click here to see what NBAA is posting after the convention.

“This year’s show was special in many ways,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. “We celebrated NBAA’s 70th anniversary, and how our industry is stronger when we work together.”

On the Ground at Henderson Executive Airport;  Students who are looking for careers in Business Aviation as well as profiling NBAA members who use aviation as a corporate advantage, NBAA/EBACE covered it all.

Why Flagship Food Group sees the cost effectiveness, benefits and advantages of maintaining their own aircraft. Follow the link below to see an NBAA member profile. Consider aircraft ownership for your company. You can consult with one of our experts on the pros & cons. Contact us at

Static Display of Aircraft: Attendees explore the impressive and extensive outdoor static display at Henderson Executive Airport.

Careers in Business Aviation Day: Students tour the exhibit floor during Careers in Business Aviation Day

*Photos and Captions from NBAA/EBACE convention postings.

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EBACE Assesses Business Aviation

EBACE assesses … and redefines message on Business Aviation:

Looking at the overall perceptions and  impact of Business Aviation, EBAA, and NBAA (to a great extent) note that others are creating the narrative of what ‘Business Aviation’ mean. On May 24th 2017,  Taunya Renson-Martin, strategic communications advisor for the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) spoke to an audience saying it is “time for business aviation to take the message back” and not allow some misperceptions to dominate the narrative.

For many. outside the industry, it seems like an added ‘privilege’ for company executives but in fact, there are many companies that depend on their own fleet to get executives to key meetings or locations that might not be easily done with commercial flying.

Some business locations could be hours from a commercial airport, and may have to deal with delays all of which have an adverse effect on running a business.  Private/Business flights fit your schedule and often can access private or smaller airfields closer to their intended destination allowing for less unproductive travel time and more business connectivity while in the air.

With the fast pace and global nature of business, Business Aviation becomes more and more of a necessity and not a ‘luxury’.


EBAA Gathers Industry Communicators…

EBAA members may access the toolkit through the association’s website. Learn more about the toolkit.