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New Rolls-Royce Pearl Engines designed for bizav introduced.

For the last several years, the ‘bloom was off’ the engines Rolls-Royce had designed for  business aviation. With several companies ditching the once largest supplier of engines to that aviation sector in favor of Pratt & Whitney and GE alternatives. But Rolls-Royce is back, according to  John Morris, reporting for Aviation Week Network about the news from EBACE 2018.

In development for several years, Rolls-Royce has introduced its Pearl Family of Engines, from its Advance2 technology program. The Pearl 15 has already won EASA certification and according to specifications has better thrust, fuel efficiency and noise reduction which augments its range capabilities as well; prompting Bombardier to select it for its new Global 5500 and 6500 large-cabin, very-long–range jets.

To read John Morris’ May 28, 2018  article, “Rolls-Royce Barrels Back Into Bizjets With Pearl Engine”, in its entirety, please click here.

The new Pearl family comes from Rolls-Royce’s Advance2 technology program.

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EBACE 2018 Gets Underway in Geneva

EBACE 2018 is underway and the SmartJets team is on-site in Geneva and available for consultations.

Contact us via DM, Email or phone to arrange a meeting with our team!

It is a great time for Business Aviation, with the renewed vigor in markets all over the world and the International Transactions Seminar, hosted jointly by the EBAA and the NBAA has covered many of your topics of interest including:  aircraft financing, European tax issues, current status of BusAv etc. and was a great session with many opportunities to network.

Business Aviation is always concerned with operating costs and works to be at the cutting edge of research into sustainable fuels. Vhevck out the video from EBACE  here