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Business Aviation ‘boldly goes’ into the development of more fuel efficient, greater connectivity and safer aircraft.

The bold, future thinking and innovation inherent in the business aviation market is making leaps forward in connectivity, dependability, safety, and cost of operating.

These innovations make it even more feasible for companies to reach a decision on the effectiveness of using their own aircraft. When factoring in cost and availability of commercial flights against travel and productivity time saved  added to the  ability to get to more remote destinations more efficiently, corporate aircraft has the edge.

If you have been on the fence about the practicality of ownership, now might be the time to re-assess your business needs. BusAv makes sense.

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Following are some recent innovative entries into the market place: from engines, to avionics and aircraft redesign.

Rolls Royce announced their ‘Pearl’ engine will power the new Bombardier Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft. The engine delivers more thrust [15,125lb of thrust (ISA +15)]but is quieter than the BR700. The engine will be the sole engine for Bombardier’s latest business jets, the Global 5500 aircraft and the Global 6500 aircraft.

Gulfstream is launching its new ‘clean-sheet’ designed G500, which received its FAA certifications for production and type on the same day.  So far, the G500 has performed better than anticipated in speed, distance and fuel use… flying 6,000 miles without a refueling stop.


In avionics, the G500 offers Gulfstream’s Symmetry Flight Deck, complete with active control  (fully synchronized) sidesticks, replacing the traditional yoke. It is also the first to have an active sidestick in the cockpit.  Touchscreens on both the forward and overhead consoles replace traditional buttons and dials, which allows pilots to more easily find controls.

So many areas of the country do not have easy access to commercial airports or flights that private/business flights might be the only access.

Getting to that all important meeting on-time and fully prepared can often be more easily accomplished when you are traveling on your own schedule and not at the mercy of a commercial carrier. Especially if where you need to be is not on a commercial carrier’s direct route, leaving you to change flights or even go to a regional carrier. Direct routing is always faster and more efficient.

Leaps forward in connectivity while in flight and fuel efficiency makes the benefits of business air travel even more apparent.  Business aviation is reaping the benefits of new technologies and design.

One example is Gulfstream’s G500 ‘clean-sheet’ design, which has outpaced expectations in range, speed and shortened the time prep needed for take-off , as well as distance needed for takeoff. (see more)

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