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Business Aviation is ‘SMART’, forward thinking, and strong in 2018.

Business Aviation is SMART, and not just a perq.  The industry is really benefiting from the forward momentum in the domestic and international markets. The near necessity of having a corporate fleet available in this fast paced environment seems to be at top of mind for many mid-size businesses in addition to the usual large corporations. BusAv makes it possible to do business in many locations that might otherwise seem out of reach, and this allows businesses to take advantage of the best locations and circumstances to grow their businesses.


So many areas of the country do not have easy access to commercial airports or flights that private/business flights might be the only access.

Getting to that all important meeting on-time and fully prepared can often be more easily accomplished when you are traveling on your own schedule and not at the mercy of a commercial carrier. Especially if where you need to be is not on a commercial carrier’s direct route, leaving you to change flights or even go to a regional carrier. Direct routing is always faster and more efficient.

Leaps forward in connectivity while in flight and fuel efficiency makes the benefits of business air travel even more apparent.  Business aviation is reaping the benefits of new technologies and design.

One example is Gulfstream’s G500 ‘clean-sheet’ design, which has outpaced expectations in range, speed and shortened the time prep needed for take-off , as well as distance needed for takeoff. (see more)


Talk to one of our professional sales team members.  They are experts in all aspects of business aviation with a focus on large cabin aircraft.  We can assess your mission and needs and can find the best match for you.

Ben Shirazi