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Keep your aircraft at peak performance and comfort!

“It’s good business,” says Ben Shirazi.

Your aircraft is a major financial asset and keeping it in “top shape” protects its value and eventual marketability..

The Business/Private jet industry is moving forward and now is a great time to be an owner, in the market or just getting into private flying.  Whether you want a new jet, to upgrade your present aircraft or want to enter the market with a pre-owned aircraft, a new interior and avionics upgrade will add immeasurable value but only if it is done to the most exacting standards and is also ‘cost effective’.

A new refurbishment: interior, exterior, avionics or all three, will add increased value to your asset. Like any change or update, you only get a good return if the job is done correctly and to your specifications and design.

If your intention is to sell or trade, we can tell you how to maximize the market appeal of your aircraft, with the appropriate upgrades and value added changes, and in doing so, get you the best price on that trade or sale. If, however, it is your intention to refurbish your aircraft for your own continued enjoyment, then the options become more defined by what your concept for your maximum comfort and convenience should be.  In either case, you want to find a company (VIP Completions) that can deliver a designer, quality interior at a best price. A company that can interpret your design ideas and custom measure every component to your exact standard, and one that uses the best designer materials and can have your personal touches added such as logos, and custom carpet.

The jet aircraft market is no different than the luxury real estate or yacht market, that is to say you would not have your “high-end” real estate or “mega yacht” finished to contractor basic standards so why would you trust your jet to anyone less than the best?  VIP Completions has a long and well-deserved  reputation in aircraft completions. We deliver the finest interiors at the best cost and work to meet your exacting standards and deadlines.


SmartJets and VIP Completions customers know the intrinsic value of an aircraft updated and maintained to exacting standards.